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Experience in steel is our strength.

More than 30 years of experience in steel trading has given LIVALLCO a unique know-how regarding material, different steel producers and transportation. This together gives you as a customer a guarantee that we always can deliver products of high quality at competitive prices.



LIVALLCO starts where wholesalers stop.

Our idea of business is to deliver material which normally is not kept in stock by the local wholesaler. LIVALLCO completes the wholesaler’s part by promptly delivering material such as odd qualities, dimensions or quantities.

LIVALLCO helps you to refine your products.

Thanks to a close cooperation with our experienced subcontractors we can, besides pure plates, also offer worked up details. We can deliver cut, bent and figure cut details according to your specifications. LIVALLCO works up short as well as long series, in both thin and thick plate, in all conceivable grades at a competitive price.


What do we do?

Livallco helps wholesalers and manufacturing companies to broaden its product range in a convenient and economical way.

Short delivery time

Livallco complements the wholesaler's role in a very short time to deliver material of odd qualities, dimensions and quantities.

A wider assortment

Livallco, supply, deliver and stock materials
that steel wholesalers normally don't.


Livallco and its subsidiary, Smith & Stensson, can offer a range of
different products in Sweden and Scandinavia through its Agencies.


We can deliver quality assured material for the market preferences.

Long experience

Three decades of import and export of steel has given Livallco thorough knowledge of materials, steel manufacturers andtransportation.


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